About Us

Our belief is that all real estate is local, and our clients demand best-in-class service providers in their local markets regardless of that clients’ size or capitalization. We aim to provide top-tier service in a responsive and agile construct combined with an institutional mindset, always acting according to our core principle of integrity.

Services Platform

The core function of Bridger Properties is our services platform. Bridger offers its clients a full suite of top-tier commercial real estate services including project leasing, occupier services, property and facility management, development and construction management, and strategic advisory services. Our focus is our clients’ success and we bring a unique perspective to provide the best service in the market. Our people are the difference.

Strategic Investments

In addition to Bridger’s primary service businesses, Bridger makes strategic investments on behalf of itself, its partners and clients. Bridger’s Investments fall into two categories: programmatic and opportunistic. Bridger has institutional partners that identified Bridger as their regional investment platform, charging Bridger with executing those strategies. Bridger’s opportunistic investments are the result of its unique presence in the market and are more situational in nature. Bridger invests in all asset classes and in all areas of the capital stack.